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Since January 2012, we have a new member on double bass: Tom Götze. We performed several concerts around the new CD "FAKE FOLK".

The actual line-up: Arkady Shilkloper (horn, flugelhorn, alphorn), Tscho Theissing (violin), John Wolf Brennan (piano, melodica) and Tom Götze (bass, alphorn).

We continue to pursue the idea of “FAKE FOLK“, our own vision of an imaginative-imaginary folk music (» projects), also by paying tribute to one of the great pioneers of Swiss folk music, Alfred Leonz Gassmann (1876-1962).

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cd "fake folk"

CD FAKE FOLKWhat do journalists think of the music on our latest CD "FAKE FOLK"?

  • "So innovativ wie unterhaltsam… Unglaublich, virtuos und oft bei allem Tiefsinn sehr lustig" (NZZ, CH)
  • "PAGO LIBRE hat an tänzerischer Leichtigkeit gewonnen" (Concerto, A
  • "Eine der musikalisch spannendsten Crossover-Formationen" (Neue Luzerner Zeitung, CH)


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